VULCA Seminar & VOW Assembly 2024

The annual meeting of European Makerspaces, FabLabs, and Open Workshops, organized by VULCA, will be hosted by ZAM – Zentrum für Austausch und Machen in Erlangen, Germany. This year's main topic, "We and our city: the relation between us and our environment," emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between makerspaces and their urban ecosystems. The event gathers 150 participants from diverse backgrounds to discuss, network, and collaborate on solving collective problems. In collaboration with the German network of open workshops (Verbund offner Werkstätten), it focuses on community interconnection.

Where does the event happen? ZAM
Hauptstr. 65-67
91054 Erlangen

When does the event happen?
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Regular ticket (early bird)

Limited until August 31st.
This is for institutions and people that can afford it and support the event. The ticket includes full access to the event + coffee breaks + lunch and dinner and special access to the networking area with VULCA's matchmakers.

200,00 € incl. 7% VAT.

Reduced ticket (early bird)

Limited price until August 31st.
Name your own price (but at least 100 Euro, to cover food expenses).

incl. 7% VAT.

VULCA Community Ticket

Limited availability until August 31st, so book early!
This ticket is a sponsored ticket through VULCA. If you are an active part of the VULCA community, you may request a ticket at your financial means (even free).

VOW Community Ticket

Beschränkte Verfüfgbarkeit bis zum 31. August, also besser früh buchen!
Dieses Ticket wird vom VOW und der Anstiftung gefördert. Wenn du oder deine Werkstatt ein VOW-Mitglied bist, kannst du einen Preis entsprechend deiner finanziellen Möglichkeiten anfragen (auch kostenlos).